Core Values Quality
Our Franchisees go above and beyond what is expected from them. They are taught how to hire employees with a strong work ethic and care about the quality of their work. The Franchisees commitment to quality improves the company’s overall quality.
Core Value Accountability
Accountability stretches to all aspects of running a strong agency. We teach our Franchisees how to foster trusting relationships with clients, employees and the team. Clients trust the agency guidance, employees have high moral standards and the team works as a whole to help one another.
Core Values Responsibility
A strong sense of responsibility affects how a person works and the amount of work he/she does. We instill in our Franchisees the sense of responsibility for putting their best foot forward by showing up on time and completing tasks to the best of their ability.


Our agency owners enjoy a higher rate of return on their investment, in part, because of their ongoing operating costs are lower (we use our buying power to negotiate deep discounts and pass 100% of those savings on; no mark-ups in pass-through costs) and they’re able to fill more clients insurance needs with their broad selection of markets.
With over 60 years of knowledge as business owners.
We are committed to your investment success.

  • We have access to over 120 different carriers.
  • We provide you with a client management system.
  • We provide you with top-of-the-line rating software.
  • We support you with marketing and advertising.
  • We have the ability to support in training your employees.
  • Simple Turnkey business from Day 1.